3xLOGIC 3xCLOUD Web Client User Manual

Page 24

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Adjust Video Quality Mode

Click the

 button to use the mode defined in the

Settings-Option Tab


Click the

 button to automatically select quality based on available network resources.

Export Footage

Export the currently marked footage to your DropBox or Media Server/Cloud Footage Account.

You will be notified when the footage export is complete by the alert icon (

)in the top left-

hand corner of the 3xCLOUD interface, next to the "3xCLOUD by 3xLOGIC" logo.

Please see Section 8.3 Exporting Playback Footage for more information regarding exporting foot-
age. .

Still Frame

E-mail or download a still shot of the current frame.

Open a preview box of the Live Footage currently being received from camera

Mark Footage

Creates slideable markers to mark footage for export. Footage within the light pink timeline will
be exported(pictured below.)




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