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7.1 Viewing Live Video/ Live View Edge Controls

Cursor over a live camera feed to reveal its edge controls(pictured below.) Available controls will depend on the camera, its hard-
ware and its VIGIL Server configuration.

Frame Resizers

Enlarge or shrink the feed's frame.

Take Stillshot

Take a stillshot of the current frame. The stillshot will be automatically downloaded to your browsers
downloads folder.

Toggle PTZ Controls

Toggle on-screen PTZ controls for PTZ-capable cameras.

Search Playback

Opens the Playback Search window.

Adjust Video Quality


Swich Video Quality Modes.

Click the

 button to use the mode defined in the

Settings-Option Tab


Click the

 button to automatically select quality based on available network resources.

Toggle OSD

Toggle the POS OSD (on-screen display) on or off.

Close Window Frame

Close the window frame.

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