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5.4 Users Tab

Click the Users button on the Settings menu to open the Users tab(pictured below.)

Create a user.

User accounts are grouped into three separate tiers(Agent, Admin, Member.) For more info on user cre-
ation and the tiered user system, please See "Creating a User " on page 13.

Edit User

Edit a user's details. A user's User Name, Phone Number and E- Mail Address may be edited. Admin-
istrative-level accounts(Agent, Admin) can also edit a User's User Group.

Delete User

Delete an existing user profile.You will be asked to confirm. Select OK to permanently delete the user
profile or Cancel to return to the Views Tab.


Only Administrative-level (Agent, Admin) users can Add and Delete users.

Agent-level accounts(The user who signed up for and created the 3xCLOUD company account) can assign a user to a User Group
(Admin or Member) based on the desired permissions for that user account. Agent-level users can also Add, Edit and Delete Server's
and Users. Only one agent-level user exists per 3xCLOUD company account.

Admin-level accounts can Add, Edit and Delete Servers and Add, Edit and Delete Member-level users.

Member-level accounts can only view Servers(and their cameras) that have been previously configured by Admins/Agents. Member-
level users have no administrative-level permissions. Member-level users cannot Add, Edit or Delete Servers nor can they Add, Edit or
Delete other users.




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