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1 Introduction

Imagine watching live footage, searching playback and exporting surveillance video from any of your networked cameras while
catching your favorite hockey or football team's latest game. Picture the ability to control a PTZ camera at the warehouse from the
comfort of your couch. Envision running precise Point-Of-Sale queries against your store's cash register footage all while making
dinner in your own kitchen, with access only to a smartphone with Internet connection. These scenarios are no longer out-of-reach.
Welcome to the endless potential of cloud computing technology. Welcome to 3xCLOUD™.

3xCLOUD™, 3xLOGIC’s web-based VMS Client, can be accessed via any common web-browser, on any number of web-capable devices
including Windows or Linux PC, Mac, smartphones and tablets. 3xCLOUD™ offers simplistic operation and an easy-to-navigate inter-
face that offers many of the core features existing in 3xLOGIC’s VIGIL desktop software, on-the-go.

With 3xCLOUD™, you’ll always be able to see what your cameras are seeing while you’re out with friends, tied up in a meeting or
stuck on the train. Live video(and more) at your fingertips, 24/7. 3xLOGIC is proud to stand at the forefront of this wave of cloud-
based technology sweeping through the surveillance video management sector and has engineered the most robust, efficient web-
based Client available.

Welcome. 3xLOGIC hopes you enjoy your time in the cloud.

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