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5.3 Battery voltage indicator

The battery voltage bar graph indicates the voltage at the input terminals of the power
inverter. At low input current, this voltage is very close to the battery voltage. At high
input current, this voltage will be lower than the battery voltage.
Ideally, the voltage should remain in the green areas of the bar graph. If the voltage
goes into the red area at the top or bottom of the graph, the inverter may shut-down.

5.4 Battery current indicator

The battery current bar graph indicates the current drawn from the battery by the power
inverter. It will not indicate current by other loads also connected to the battery.
For long-term operation, the current should be in the green area of the bar graph.
Short-term operation is possible with current in the yellow area. If the current rises to
the red area, the inverter will shut itself down and the overload indicator will light.

5.5 Overtemp indicator

The overtemp indicator indicates that the power inverter has shut itself down because
the inverter has become overheated. The power inverter may overheat because it has
been operated at power levels above its rating, or because it has been installed in a
location which does not allow it to dissipate heat properly. The power inverter will
restart automatically once it has cooled off.

5.6 Overload indicator

The overload indicator indicates that the power inverter has shut itself down because
its output circuit has been short circuited or drastically overloaded. Switch the ON/OFF
switch to OFF, correct the fault condition, and then switch the ON/OFF switch back to

6. Operating limits

6.1 Power output

The inverter will operate most AC loads within its power rating. When determining
whether a microwave oven can be operated by the GP-1750 Inverter, remember that
the power commonly advertised for microwave ovens is the cooking power (the power
delivered to the food) not the power actually consumed by the microwave oven. The
microwave oven will consume 40% to 100% more than its advertised cooking power.
Check the rating sticker on the back of the oven to determine its actual power draw.
The GP-1750 inverter will operate small microwave ovens (0.2 to 0.3 cubic foot
capacity) that draw about 1700 watts. It will provide 10 to 45 minutes of cooking time.

Some induction motors used in refrigerators, freezers, pumps and other motor
operated equipment require very high surge currents to start. The power inverter may
not be able to start some of these motors, even though their rated current draw is
within the power inverter.

If the motor refuses to start, observe the battery voltage indicator while trying to start the
motor. If the battery voltage indicator drops below 11 volts while the inverter is
attempting to start the motor, this may be why the motor will not start. Make sure that
the battery connections are good and that the battery is fully charged. If the connections
are good and the battery is charged, but the voltage still drops below 11 volts, you may
need to use a larger battery.

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