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Go Power! Modified Sine Wave Inverter

Owner’s Manual


3.4 Rear view – GP1750HD

a) Ventilation port:

Do not obstruct, allow at least 1 inch for air flow.

b) Battery


Connect to 12 V battery or other 12 V power source. Note that "+" is positive, "-" is
negative. Reverse polarity connection will blow internal fuse and may damage
inverter permanently.

c) Chassis ground lug:

Connect to earth ground or to vehicle chassis using #8 AWG wire.

*DC inverter cables not included

Minimum inverter DC cable & DC inverter fuse sizes, See Section 4.3 and 4.4.

4. Installation

4.1 Where to install

The power inverter should be installed in a location that meets the following


Do not connect this inverter and another AC source (generator or utility power) to
the AC wiring or AC loads at the same time. Doing so will destroy the inverter and
void the warranty, regardless whether the inverter is switched on or off. If you are
using more than one AC source for the AC wiring or AC loads, it is highly
recommended that you install an automatic transfer switch (GP-TS), available
from Go Power! Electric Inc.

a) Dry - Do not allow water to drip or splash on the inverter.

b) Cool - Ambient air temperature should be between 0°C and 40°C (the cooler the


c) Ventilated - Allow at least two inches of clearance around the inverter for air flow.

Ensure the ventilation openings on the rear and bottom of the unit are not

a. Ventilation window

b. Battery terminals

c. Chassis ground

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