Product description, Unpacking, Installation – Nor-Cal Precision Manipulators Version 1.5 User Manual

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Congratulations! You have purchased a precision vacuum positioning device from Nor-Cal Products. This unit is capable of many years of use

with minimal care and maintenance. This manual is a tool to aid you in obtaining this service. We at Nor-Cal Products encourage your comments

and suggestions on this manual.

Product Description

The EM 200 series precision manipulators are a family of aluminum units which offer exceptional value per dollar. These units differ from their 100 series coun-
terparts in the construction of the X Y Z travel stage. The 200 series utilize thick aluminum to mount the linear bearings, and feature wider spacing between all
linear bearings. This allows the neck assembly to be removed, reducing the flange- to-flange distance for a given Z stroke. This change also allows more rigid
micrometer mounting, simpler micrometer- stage pre-load, and simpler motor drive retrofit in the field. This series is available with 1.39” or 1.88” ID bellows.
Gearbox drive is standard, but micrometer Z drive is available on the standard 2” Z stroke model at no extra cost. The EM series utilizes 0.5” OD stainless steel Z
guide rods and 0.375” OD X & Y rods. The bearings are all stainless.

The EM Series instruments have a 20# equipment payload for vertical operation. For applications which need different payloads and/or other operational ori-
entations, please consult the factory. See “installation “ section below for complete payload considerations.

A full compliment of options are available... many suitable for field retrofit. This allows the unit to be modified to suit changing requirements as the role for the
manipulator changes through its life. These options include tilt and an extended support shaft. Motor drive is available, both DC stepping and AC synchronous.


EM manipulators are shipped in custom foam-in-place packing. We have found this the only system to provide adequate protection for shipment. The foam is
separated approximately half way inside the crate with thin blue plastic. The bellows assembly is shipped in place protected by a cardboard or thick paper wrap
about the bellows. This wrap should be left in place until the manipulator is fully mounted. We strongly recommend the packing be saved for possible future
shipment or equipment storage.


******** WARNING *********

Shipping vibration can loosen screws. The user must check to verify the screw fasteners have not backed off on the unit during shipment. This is critical for safe

***********THIS IS IMPORTANT ************

The standard EM Manipulator can be installed directly from the crate. As usual, care should be exercised to protect the knife seal edge. The standard unit
mounts to a 6” OD flange. (other flanges from 1.33 to 8” OD are available). Proper tightening technique should be observed whenever tightening a metal
sealed flange. We recommend a small quantity of high temperature anti-seize lubricant be used on all mounting bolts. This is especially important if the unit
will be subject to bake-outs.

********** WARNING *********

It is necessary, especially on long stroke manipulators, to have an axis rod or tube down the axis of the Z travel. This will keep the bellows from “springing” out
when the pressure is returned to atmosphere (usually when the unit is near its most compressed mode). This function is usually satisfied by a “theta” rotation
shaft or support tube. Damage to the equipment can occur if this precaution is not observed.