Lubrication, Bakeout procedure, Summary – Nor-Cal Precision Manipulators Version 1.5 User Manual

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All exterior bearings, micrometers, gears, gearboxes, and lead screws are lubricated with GHT-2 high temperature lubricant. The user may need to add more
lubricant from time to time, depending on the frequency and temperature of
bakeouts and operating environment.


Additional lubricant must be added to the lead screw as the use and environment requires. The standard lifting mechanism is a bronze acme thread on a bur-
nished steel acme lead screw. This is a sliding contact,requiring lubrication. Equipment overloading, heavy use, high temperature bakeouts, environmental
conditions, etc. can and will remove the lubricant from this interface. THIS WILL CAUSE PREMATURE WEAR. If this is continued to an extreme, the nut will
fail and allow the stage to suddenly drop. THIS SITUATION IS DANGEROUS TO EQUIPMENT AND PERSONNEL AND MUST BE AVOIDED. Inspect this
mechanism and relubricate as needed. The mechanism should have 0.002” to 0.006” vertical (axial) backlash maximum. If more is detected, consult the factory
for suitable repair.

************** WARNING *************

This lubricant has been tested to 230 C. We recommend limiting the temperature of the lubricant to 200 C or less.

Avoid inhalation of decomposition products formed above 300C.

This material may give off toxic gasses at elevated temperatures.

Bakeout procedure

We recommend limiting the temperature of the device (and the lubricant) to a maximum bakeout temperature of 200 C. Bakeouts of long duration (12 hours or
more) should be limited to lower temperatures. We recommend 180 C maximum for long bakeouts.

Our bakeout temperatures are conservative. We find they lead to long service life and high reliability. Tear-down and re-lubrication is held to a minimum.
Operation outside these parameters cannot be guaranteed.


The EM Manipulator can be baked with standard UHV bakeout procedures.

See safety warnings under “Lubrication”.