Nor-Cal Precision Manipulators Version 1.5 User Manual

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It is not necessary to remove the micrometers (on specials only,if any) prior to standard bakeout. For high temperature bake-out, or repeated bake- outs of long
duration, we do recommend micrometer removal.

All motors and limit switches/ position indicators must be removed during bakeout.

We recommend limiting the temperature of the lubricant and the bakeout temperature to 200 C or less.

See safety warnings under “Lubrication”.

Do not run uncontrolled bakeouts or bakeouts approaching 300C

MICROMETER REMOVAL: The micrometers should be removed prior to long term bakeout.

1. Position both X & Y micrometers at mid travel.

2. The pre-load coupling to the stage removes by simply un-threading the knurled collar. The same procedure is used on both X & Y axis micrometers.

check under “Adjustments” for correct instructions for re assembly after bakeout.

3. The micrometers are bolted to the frames with two 1/4- 20 SHCS each. On large drum mics, it may be necessary to loosen a set screw and slide the inner

drum into the micrometer handle in order to remove the socket head mounting screws. Remove each micrometer.

For motorized models, see under “Motorized operation” for removal instructions for bakeout. All motors and limit switches/ position indicators must be

removed during bakeout.

4. The Z drive gearbox should be locked in place prior to bakeout.

The design of the manipulator allows room around the bellows for thermal insulation, making possible greater bellows temperatures while not exceeding

our recommendations. Under no condition should heater tapes be used directly on a welded bellows. An electrical short would not only create a

safety hazard, but possibly destroy the vacuum integrity of the thin bellows wall.

5. After bake and cool-down, re-attach micrometers.

NOTE:Micrometer re-installation
When re-installing the micrometer/ micrometer block assemblies, the following procedure will assure the best alignment.

a. Install and snug the two 1/4-20 SHCS. Back each screw off 1/8 to 1/4 turn.

b. Assemble knurled collar/bearing at end of micrometer spindle into receiver on guide rod. Tighten firmly finger tight. This will align the micrometer


c. Tighten the two 1/4-20 SHCS. Back off the knurled adjustment collar to a light tension, without axial play. Test operation for smoothness.