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Accessing the total values

The total values for the distance travelled and the ride time
are accessed separately from the data for the CURRENT trip.

To access the totals,

press and hold the SET button until

the menu opens.

Press the

SET button to open the Totals (total values)

Press the

BIKE button to scroll in the Totals.

The total distance 1 (cumulative distance for all individual
trips on bike 1) is displayed first.

Total distance 1

(Cumulative value for all trips on bike 1)

The total distance counts up to 99,999 km or miles.
If this value is exceeded, the total distance counter restarts
at zero.
If the unit is switched from miles to km and the conversion
result is greater than 100,000 km, the total distance counter
is reset to zero.

Press the

BIKE button to scroll to

total ride time


(Cumulative value for all trips)

The total ride time counts up to 9999:59 HHHH:MM.
If this value is exceeded, the total ride time counter restarts
at zero.