32 m3 wl setting the navigator, Resetting the navigator to zero – VDO M3WL User Manual

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Setting the navigator


second digit on the left flashes.

Press the

BIKE button to change the digit.

Press the

SET button to confirm the entry.

Once all the digits have been set, confirm the entry
by pressing the

SET button.

The response

“Set OK” appears on the display.

The VDO M3 WL returns to function mode.

Once the navigator function appears on the display,
press and hold the BIKE button.
Navigator RESET

appears on the display.

If you

continue to hold down the BIKE button,


navigator is reset to zero.

Resetting the navigator to zero

The navigator can be reset to

zero any number of desired

times during a trip.

How to reset the navigator:
Press the

BIKE button to display the navigator function.