16 m3 wl function testing, Pairing the transmitter (initial use) – VDO M3WL User Manual

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Function testing

Once the transmitter has been attached, check that it
functions correctly.

How to test the transmitter:
– Insert the computer into the bracket.
The speed indicator flashes. The computer now searches
for its speed transmitter.
– Lift and spin the front wheel.
The green LED on the transmitter flashes several times.
– A speed should now be displayed on the computer.

If no speed is displayed, there can be several reasons for this.
The possible reasons are described in the


shooting” section.

Pairing the transmitter (initial use)

The VDO M3 WL automatically pairs the transmitter.

Once the computer has been rotated into place in the bracket,
it starts searching for the transmitter.

The transmitter search is identified by the flashing digits for:
– Speed
– Heart rate (if the heart rate option is activated)
– Cadence (if the cadence option is activated)

The VDO M3 WL has an automatic bike recognition function.
Depending on whether you are using bike 1 or bike 2,
the data is recorded for bike 1 or bike 2.


When other radio signals interfere during the

pairing function, the display shows the message

“Too Many

Confirm this message by pressing any key. You will then need
to leave this location and move to another location. Untwist
the computer from the handlbar bracket. Then reinsert the
computer into the handlebar bracket. The computer will now
attempt another pairing.
Potential source of interference:
– LED lights
– Mobile telephone
– GPS recever
– Anti-theft security systems inside the store
These sources can interfere with the pairing.


when using the transmitter for the first time, the

bike recognition switch must be set to either BIKE 1 or BIKE 2.
Only then will the automatic bike recognition work.

Press and

HOLD the button until the LED flashes.

Green flashes once = bike 1 is selected
Red flashes twice = bike 2 is selected