Dreamer Design Ditto RPS User Manual

Page 10

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shift tire to right

shift tire to left

If you get stuck in the rain, your all weather
cover will keep your child dry. Just drape the
cover over your bubble canopy and seal the
back velcro strips together.

Next, velcro the straps around the foot
plate, which attach underneath between the
brake calipers and the frame.

a l l w e a t h e r c o v e r

f o l d i n g

Lift the frame out and fold back. Then fold it in
half again, pushing the fork tips up to meet the

Undo the swing clasps on either side. Push on
the thumb tabs of the fork tips to remove them.

Unsnap the straps on either side of frame,
by the basket. Undo the front velcro straps
of the basket.

t r a c k i n g

If that doesn't work and it continues to pull to
the right, unscrew the front wheel thumb nut and
shift the tire to the left. Tighten the tire again
and push to stroller to see if it rolls straight. If it
pulls to the left, shift the tire to the right.

If your stroller is pulling to the left or right
check to see if it is one of the following things.

Check to make sure the tire pressure in all the
wheels is equal.

all weather cover

velcro straps

basket velcro straps

swing clasp

thumb tabs