Dreamer Design Ditto RPS User Manual

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Replace the brake pads when the grooves
become worn away. Check all bolts are tight
and springs are secure for rear foot brake.

Check fabric seams and straps for fraying or
tearing. Keep it out of the sun and in a dry
place, when not in use, to prevent fading and
mildew. Check the frame for loose rivets, cracks
and wear. Check to make sure all nuts and bolts
are tight on the frame.

m a i n t e n a n c e

We recommend that you have an experienced
dealer perform these maintenance checks once
a year. Lubrication of the following items is

To adjust the hand brake if it becomes loose, turn
the barrel towards you, away from the locking
ring. Tighten the locking ring to make a gap no
more than a 1/4" wide. If still too loose, adjust
barrel down by the brake calipers.

1 pivot point and cable of hand brake

2 hand brake cable by caliper lever

3 front wheel axle

4 quick release lever

5 insert in frame for rear wheels

6 wheel nub and ball bearings of rear wheel

these adjustments should be done in small increments -

only a small amount of adjustment is necessary

brake pad

locking ring


locking ring