Dreamer Design Ditto RPS User Manual

Page 6

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Your canopy has multiple adjustments. It
also has a side ventilation system, with
flaps that roll up and velcro into place.

To bring the canopy to it's next position, flip
the mesh portion under.

Use the canopy at it's fully extended position
during midday sun to provide your child with
the most amount of shade.

b u b b l e s u n c a n o p y

When the canopy is not needed, pull it
all the way back.

To view your child through the top window,
simply roll back the sun cover and velcro into
place. To clean the canopy window use a
damp cloth.

To shade your child during early morning or
late evening sun, unsnap the strap at the
back of the canopy, and pull it all the way

stationary strap

unscrew here