Dreamer Design Ditto RPS User Manual

Page 3

background image

foam protector

push button

Make sure the foot brake is in the
unlocked, up, position.

To put the rear wheels on, push the button on
the wheel while pushing the wheel axle into
the stroller frame.

Remove and discard the foam protectors on
the wheel axles.

be sure to discard the plastic bags from the wheels -

they are a suffocation hazard for children

check to make sure the wheels are

secure before each use

a s s e m b l y

Unfold the frame and insert the thumb
tabs into the slots.

Fold the plastic swing clasps in, to latch
around the frame.

Tip the stroller back so it is resting on its

handle and rear wheels to put the front

wheel on.

Make sure the brake release lever is

pointed out, away from the stroller.

lever pointed out

thumb tabs

swing clasp