Dreamer Design Ditto RPS User Manual

Page 8

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To wash the seat take out the firmness
panels by unzipping the pouch at the top and
underneath the seat.

Do not remove the firmness panels
when using your stroller. Removing the
panels could cause suffocation.

s e a t

h a r n e s s

Undo both buckles from the padded center

Adjust the padded center strap forward or
backward to fit your child.

Adjust the padded shoulder harness up or
down on the Velcro strips to fit your child.

Buckle the two buckles to the padded center

Pull the adjustment strap until the padded
center strap and the padded shoulder harness
are both snug.

Place the child in the seat.

The seat may be washed in cold water

with mild detergent. Snap the seat back on the

frame to dry, to prevent mildewing.


WARNING Avoid serious injury from

falling or sliding out. Always use seat belt.

adjustment strap

firmness panel