S e a t – Dreamer Design Ditto RPS User Manual

Page 7

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To remove the sun canopy you will need a
Phillips screwdriver to remove the screws
from both sides of the canopy. Unsnap the
canopy from the back and lift it out.

Before washing the canopy, remove the frame.
The canopy may be washed in cold water with
mild detergent. Place the canopy back on the
stroller to dry.

b u b b l e s u n c a n o p y

s e a t

The amount of recline on the seat is adjusted
by holding the buckle behind the seat and pull
the strap to make the seat more upright.

The seat is fully reclined by unbuckling the
strap behind the seat.

The seat is removed by undoing the velcro
and the straps from the foot plate and the
frame. The seat also needs to be unsnapped
from the frame.

To make the seat recline more, hold the strap
and pull the buckle.

unscrew here

It may be snug, but it will lift out.

When the canopy is wet, extend it fully until

completely dry to prevent any mildew from forming.

WARNING Child may slip into leg opening and strangle.

Never use in reclined position unless the firmness panel is in place.

adjustment strap

velcro straps