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Instructions for Use

CRT bacteria is used to determine the mutans streptococci
and lactobacilli count in saliva by means of selective
culture media.

• In vitro diagnostics
• Bright agar surface: determination of lactobacilli count

in saliva

• Blue agar surface: determination of mutans streptococci

count in saliva, or plaque

Do not use CRT bacteria during treatment with antibiotics.
After such treatment, at least two weeks should pass
before CRT bacteria is used. After the use of an
antibacterial mouthrinse, at least 12 hours should
pass before CRT bacteria is used.

The test is professionally conducted by the dentist and
skilled personnel.

Step by step procedure
1. Have the patient stimulate salivation by chewing the

enclosed paraffin pellet.

2. Collect the saliva in a suitable container.

Tip: Take this opportunity to measure also the
salivation rate and the buffer capacity of saliva
with CRT buffer from Ivoclar Vivadent.

3. Remove the agar carrier from the test vial.

4. Place a NaHCO3-tablet at the bottom of the vial.
5. Carefully remove the protective foils from the two agar

surfaces. Do not touch the agar.

6. Thoroughly wet both agar surfaces with saliva,

using a pipette. Avoid scratching the agar surface.
Tip: Hold the agar carrier slightly oblique.


– For determining the

streptococcus mutans and
lactobacillus count in saliva

– Zur Bestimmung der Mutans

Streptokokken- und
Laktobazillenzahl im Speichel

– Pour l’évaluation du nombre

de streptocoques mutans et
de lactobacilles dans la salive

– Per la determinazione dei

streptococchi e lattobacilli
nella saliva

– Para la determinación de la

cantidad de streptococcus
mutans y lactobacilos en

– Para determinar a quantidade

de streptococcus mutans e de
lactobacillus na saliva

– För bestömmning av antalet

Streptococcus Mutans
och Lactobasiller i saliven

– Til bestemmelse af

streptococcus mutans - og
lactobacillus-antal i saliva

– Streptococcus mutans ja

lactobacillus bakteerimäärien
määrittelyyn sylejestä

– Til bestemmelse av antall

Streptococcus mutans- og
lactobasiller i saliva

– Voor het bepalen van de

Streptococcus Mutans en
Lactobacillen in het speeksel

– Για τον προσδιορισµ των

στρεπτ κοκκων mutans και
την µέτρηση του πληθυσµού
των γαλακτοβάκιλων στο
στ µα

Instructions for Use


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Oδηγίες Xρήσεως

For dental use only!
Caution: U.S. Federal Law restricts this device to sale
by or on the order of a licensed dentist.

Made in Liechtenstein
Ivoclar Vivadent AG, FL-9494 Schaan/Liechtenstein

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