Trouble shooting – Marantz SA-11S1 User Manual

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If you think a malfunction has occurred, first check the points listed below. The problem is likely to have been caused by a simple
operational error or a connection problem. If the problem cannot be corrected even after carrying out the following checks, consult
your dealer or nearest Marantz sales office or service counter.


The disc fails to rotate.

1. Is the mains lead plugged in properly?
2. Is the POWER switch ON?
3. Is the disc placed in the correct position on the disc tray?
4. Is the disc placed properly with the label side facing up?
5. Is the disc dirty?
6. Is the disc scratched?
7. Is the disc warped?

The disc is rotating but no sound is heard.

1. Are the amplifier and speakers connected properly?
2. Is the amplifier switch ON?
3. Is the amplifier’s function or selector switch set to “CD” or

“AUX” or such (to whatever you have connected this unit

4. Is the amplifier’s volume control set at the minimum level?

The disc stops in mid-operation.
The sound drops out or noise is heard.

1. Is the disc dirty?
2. Is the disc scratched?
3. Is the disc warped?
* In the case of a CD-R or CD-RW disc, this problem may

occur when the conditions under which its data was originally
written were substandard or when the quality of the disc itself
is poor.

* This condition may occur in Mixed-Mode CDs, CD Extra,

and other discs that have CDDA format mixed with other data.
Noise may also be heard momentarily when skipping tracks.

Remote control operation is not possible.

1. Is the transmitter of the remote control unit (RC-11SAS1)

pointed correctly at the remote sensor on the front of the
player (this unit)?
Or is there an obstruction between the transmitter and the
remote sensor?

2. Are the batteries in the remote control unit exhausted?
3. Is there another strong light (from a window, etc.) striking

the Super Audio CD player’s remote sensor?

A Super Audio CD cannot be played.

1. Is the disc scratched, dirty or warped?
2. Is the amplifier’s input selector set to digital? (Digital audio

signal will not be output when a Super Audio CD is played.)

3. Is the disc a Super Audio CD multi-channel only disc? (This

unit does not support Super Audio CD multi-channel.)

A CD-R/CD-RW disc cannot be played.

1. Is the disc placed upside down?
2. Is the disc contains properly written TOC?
3. Is the recorded information in an audio (CD-DA) format?

A specific CD cannot be played
Copy control CDs (CDs with copy guard) are special discs
that do not comply with current CD standards. Marantz
cannot guarantee the ability to play such discs on your CD
When normal CDs can be played without a problem and
problems occur only when playing these special discs, it is
not a problem with this unit.
Please ask the seller of the copy control CD for detailed
information regarding copy control CDs.

The unit makes a clicking sound when the tray closes
This is the adhesion click of the clamper for securing the
disc. This does not cause any problem in using the unit.

While the disc is spinning, a spinning sound is heard
or a slight vibration occur.
Depending on the disc, a spinning sound may occur or the
unit may vibrate slightly due to disc eccentricity or such.
This is not a problem with this unit.

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