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5. To stop dispensing before the selected volume has been

dispensed, remove the glass from the dispenser lever OR
press the MEASURED FILL button a second time.

NOTE: If you stop dispensing before the desired volume has
been dispensed, the digital display will continue to show how
much water remains to be dispensed. The display will turn off
after 1 minute of inactivity.

To select a new volume or start dispensing the same volume
again, you must first finish dispensing the selected volume, or
turn off the Measured Fill feature (either by waiting 1 minute
so it will automatically turn off or by pressing ICE TYPE to
manually turn it off) and then turn it back on.

Rotating Faucet and Pull-out Tray (on some models)

On some models, the dispenser has a rotating water faucet and a
pull-out tray at the bottom.

The faucet rotates to the center to allow for easy dispensing
into large containers. To rotate it, push in on the right-hand
side of the faucet as shown.

Push in on the left-hand side to rotate the faucet back into

NOTE: When using the dispenser with the faucet rotated, do
not use the water dispenser pad. Use only the water
dispenser button to dispense. Dispensing by pressing the
container against the water dispenser pad may result in
unintentional spilling.

The tray can be pulled out a bit in order to better support
large containers. It is designed to catch small spills and allow
for easy cleaning. There is no drain in the tray.

NOTE: The tray can be removed from the dispenser and
carried to the sink to be emptied or cleaned. Pull the tray out
until it hits the stop, then gently lift up on the back of the tray
and slide it out the rest of the way.

The Ice Dispenser

Ice is dispensed from the ice maker storage bin in the freezer
when the dispenser lever is pressed. To turn off the ice maker,
see “Ice Maker and Storage Bin.”

Your ice maker can produce both crushed and cubed ice. Before
dispensing ice, select which type of ice you prefer by pressing
the ICE TYPE button.

The display screen indicates which type of ice is selected.

For crushed ice, cubes are crushed before being dispensed. This
may cause a slight delay when dispensing crushed ice. Noise
from the ice crusher is normal, and pieces of ice may vary in size.
When you are changing from crushed to cubed, a few ounces of
crushed ice will be dispensed along with the first cubes.

To Dispense Ice:

1. Make sure the desired type of ice is selected. To switch

between cubed and crushed, press ICE TYPE.

2. Press a sturdy glass against the ice dispenser lever. Hold the

glass close to the dispenser opening so ice does not fall
outside of the glass.

IMPORTANT: You do not need to apply a lot of pressure to
the lever in order to activate the ice dispenser. Pressing hard
will not make the ice dispense faster or in greater quantities.

3. Remove the glass to stop dispensing.

NOTE: Ice may continue to be dispensed for several seconds
after you remove the glass from the lever. The dispenser may
continue to make noise for a few seconds after dispensing.

The Dispenser Light

When you use the dispenser, the light will automatically turn on.
If you want the light to be on continuously, you may choose either
On or Pads. The display screen indicates which mode is

Press LIGHT to toggle through the following choices in a
continuous loop.

Off: (default) The dispenser light is off.

On: To turn on both the dispenser light and the light behind
the dispenser paddles.

Pads (dispenser paddles): To turn off the dispenser light, but
keep the light behind the dispenser paddles on.

A. Faucet rotated
B. Pull-out tray





Cut Hazard

Use a sturdy glass when dispensing ice.

Failure to do so can result in cuts.


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