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Adjust the Doors


Your refrigerator has two adjustable, front leveling screws –
one on each side of the refrigerator base. If your refrigerator
seems unsteady or you want the door to close easier, use the
instructions below.

Before moving the refrigerator, raise the leveling screws so
the front rollers are touching the floor.

1. Remove the base grille. Grasp the grille firmly and pull it

toward you.

2. Raise or lower the cabinet.

Using a

¹⁄₄" hex driver, turn the leveling screw on each side to

raise or lower that side of the refrigerator.

NOTE: Having someone push against the top of the
refrigerator takes some weight off the leveling screws. This
makes it easier to turn the screws. It may take several turns of
the leveling screw to adjust the tilt of the refrigerator.

To raise, turn the leveling screw clockwise.

To lower, turn the leveling screw counterclockwise.

3. Open the door again to make sure that it closes as easily as

you like. If not, tilt the refrigerator slightly more to the rear by
turning both leveling screws clockwise. It may take several
more turns, and you should turn both screws the same

4. Replace the base grille.


Opening and Closing Doors

There are two refrigerator compartment doors. The doors can be
opened and closed either separately or together.

There is a vertically-hinged seal on the left refrigerator door.

When the left side door is opened, the hinged seal
automatically folds inward so that it is out of the way.

When both doors are closed, the hinged seal automatically
forms a seal between the two doors.

Using the Controls

The refrigerator and freezer controls are located on the dispenser

IMPORTANT: The display screen on the dispenser control panel
will turn off automatically and enter “sleep” mode when the
control buttons and dispenser levers have not been used for
2 minutes or more. While in “sleep” mode, the first press of a
control button will only reactivate the display screen, without
changing any settings. After reactivation, changes to any settings
can then be made. If no changes are made within 2 minutes, the
display will re-enter “sleep” mode.

A. Leveling screw





A. Hinged seal


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