Quintum Technologies Tenor Call Relay 60 Quick Start User Manual

Tenor, Call relay 60 quick start

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Call Relay 60 Quick Start

STEP 1: Install Ground Cable

The Tenor Call Relay 60 provides an Earth Ground point by way of a #6 screw at the rear panel. This screw
provides an additional functional Earth point, if required in your installation. Safety ground is provided
through the third wire of the AC power cord provided with your unit. For continued safe operation, a three
wire AC power cord must be used; failure to do so will void the warranty and Agency approvals.

Figure 1:

1. Unscrew the existing screw from the grounding hole.

2. Place the screw through the connector of the ground cable.

3. Attach the screw securely to the threaded grounding hole.

4. Connect the other end of the ground cable to an approved

electrically grounded object. Consult with a licensed electri-
cian if you are unclear about this operation.

Install Ground Cable

STEP 2: Connect to Console Port

You will need to connect the Tenor Call Relay 60 to your workstation’s serial port via RS-232 connection.
(This connection will be used when you assign an IP address to the unit.) For the instructions below, it is
assumed you are connecting to a Windows PC.