Xt-net – X-Treme Audio XT-NET User Manual

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Firmware is the software which runs inside the device. Most prod-
ucts which are controllable from Network Controller have firmware
which can be updated by the user. Firmware is uniquely identified by
two parameters:
1. The Firmware Model Number. This is not the model number of

the product, but a number which uniquely describes the type of
firmware used by the device. When updating firmware, the same
firmware model must be used.

2. The Firmware Version Number. This describes the issue of the

firmware update within a given model number. When updating
firmware, the latest firmware Version Number for a given firmware
Model Number would normally be selected. Firmware updates are
usually supplied in

.dfw (Device FirmWare) files. Network Control-

ler uses a .dfw file to load new firmware into a device. Firmware
files are named like this: ****5678V1234.dfw. The four numerals
before the ‘V’ are the Firmware Model number, while the four nu-
merals after the ‘V’ represent the firmware Version Number - 1234
in this example. Divide this number by 1000 to arrive at the ver-
sion - 1.234 in this example. There may be characters to the left
of the model number which provide some verbal description to
assist identification of the file, but the model number is the most
important and unambiguous way of selecting the appropriate file.

You can inspect the firmware Model and Version in the Device Prop-
erties dialogue. To update the firmware in a device, see Menus or
Device Context Menu.


Network Controller supports the following ‘shortcuts’:

TAB - Move to next control

In value boxes:
CTL+C - Copy
CTL+V - Paste
CTL+X - Cut
CTL+Z - Undo

On Drop-down, Spin, Push, Fader and radio controls:
PGUP - Increase value (coarsely)
PGDN - Reduce value (coarsely)
UP/RIGHT ARROW - Increase value (finely)
DOWN/LEFT ARROW - Reduce value (finely)

On push-button controls:
SPACE - Activate/De-activate

On Filter Response Panels:
PGUP - Increase Width/Slope/Order value
PGDN - Reduce Width/Slope/Order value
SHIFT+MOUSE DRAG - Adjust Width/Slope/Order value
UP ARROW - Increase filter gain value
DOWN ARROW - Reduce filter gain value
RIGHT ARROW - Increase filter frequency value
LEFT ARROW - Reduce filter frequency value
TAB - Move to next filter.