Xt-net – X-Treme Audio XT-NET User Manual

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Once installation is completed the following icon can be found on
the pc desktop:

Double click to run Network Controller. When running for the first
time the authorisation code will be requested:

The code can be found in the “READ Authorisation Code.txt” file on
the attached CD. Enter the code and click on Done to confirm.

A window like this will appear:


Connection to the processor can be done in two ways.
1) By using the serial port (RS232);
2) By using

XT-NETINT external device (shown below).

3.1 Connection via RS232

If you choose to connect to the processor via the RS232 connec-
tor, you must ensure that the Personal Computer has a serial port,
otherwise (as with the majority of portable PCs) you will have to use
a USB to Serial adapter. In this case, we should point out that before
making the connection you must ensure that the adaptor is correctly
installed and that the serial port (a “virtual COM”) is visible to the
operating system. In order to verify this, from the Control Panel open
the System Management.