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Self-Priming Engine-Driven
Centrifugal Pumps


Operating Instructions and Parts Manual

Unpacking (continued)

Do not operate unit
if damaged during

shipping, handling or use. Damage may
cause injury or property damage.

General Safety Information

1. Know the pump application, limita-

tions, and potential hazards. Read all
manuals included with this product
carefully. Be thoroughly familiar with
the pump and the proper use of the

Do not use to pump
flammable or explo-

sive fluids such as gasoline, fuel
oil, kerosene, etc. Do not use in
flammable and/or explosive

atmospheres. Pump should only be used
with liquids compatible with pump
component materials. Failure to follow
this warning can result in death, serious
personal injury and/or property dam-

2. Make certain that the power source

(gas engine) conforms to the require-
ments of your equipment.

3. Provide adequate protection and

guarding around moving parts.

4. Release all pressure within the system

before servicing any component.

5. Drain all liquids from the system

before servicing.

6. Secure the discharge line before

starting the pump. An unsecured dis-
charge line will whip, possibly caus-
ing personal injury and/or property

7. Check hoses for weak or worn condi-

tion before each use, making certain
that all connections are secure.

8. Periodically inspect pump and system

components. Perform routine main-
tenance as required (See
Maintenance section).

9. Provide a means of pressure relief

for pumps whose discharge line can
be shut-off or obstructed.

10. Personal Safety:

a. Wear safety glasses at all times

when working with pumps.

b. Wear a face shield and proper

apparel when pumping hazardous

c. Keep work area clean, uncluttered

and properly lighted; replace all
unused tools and equipment.

d. Keep visitors at a safe distance

from the work area.

e. Make workshop child-proof – with

padlocks, master switches, and by
removing starter keys.

11. Carefully read instruction manuals

supplied by engine manufacturer
before attempting to assemble,
operate, or service the engine or
any part. The WARNING statements
indicate potentially hazardous con-
ditions for operator or equipment.

Gasoline is a highly
combustible fuel.

The improper use, handling, or storage
of gasoline can be dangerous. Prevent
accidents by following these safety

a. Use gasoline only as fuel, neveras a

cleaning fluid.

b. Use only an approved container to

hold or store gasoline. Never store
gasoline in familiar containers such
as milk containers or soda pop bot-

c. Store gasoline in a cool location,

out of reach of children. Never
store gasoline near heat or an
open flame.

d. Add gasoline to a cool engine only.

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