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Possible Cause(s)

Corrective Action

Troubleshooting Chart (continued)

Loss of suction after
satisfactory operation

Pump overloads driver
(gas engine shuts off
before complete hose

Pump vibrates and/or
makes excessive noise

Pump runs but no fluid

4. Insufficient inlet pressure

or suction head

5. Clogged foot-valve,

strainer or pump

1. Total head lower than

pump rating. Unit deliver-
ing too much water

2. Specific gravity and vis-

cosity of liquid being
pumped different than
the pump rating

3. Speed too high

1. Mounting plate or foun-

dation not rigid

2. Foreign matter in pump

causing unbalance

3. Impeller bent

4. Cavitation present

1. Faulty suction piping (air


2. Pump located too far

from fluid source

3. Gate valve closed

4. Clogged strainer

5. Fouled foot-valve

6. Discharge height too


4. Increase inlet pressure by adding

more water to tank or increasing
back pressure by turning gate
valve on discharge line to partial-
ly closed position

5. Unclog, clean or replace as neces-


1. Increase back pressure on pump

by turning gate valve on dis-
charge line to partially closed
position that will not overload

2. Pump is designed for water, use

only for liquids which have simi-
lar characteristics.

3. Check and correct, lower speed

1. Reinforce

2. Disassemble pump and remove

3. Replace impeller

4. Check suction line for proper size

and check valve in suction line if
completely open, remove any
sharp bends before pump and
shorten suction line

1. Replace

2. Relocate

3. Open

4. Clean or replace

5. Clean or replace

6. Lower the height

020598 and 020599

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