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Operating Instructions and Parts Manual

Models 020598 and 020599


Maintenance (continued)

IMPORTANT: Always inspect all seals
when unit is disassembled. Replace
when rubber is hard, cracked, or worn.
When reassembling parts with o-ring
seals or gaskets, it is sometimes helpful
to apply a small amount of soapy water
on o-ring so that parts slide over o-ring
without pinching or shaving it.


When installing a replacement impeller
or mechanical seal, it may be necessary
to vary the number of shims (Ref. No.
21) that will be required. This is easily
done by adding one 0.010" shim more
than was removed, and reassembling
pump as described.

Ensure that casing is snugly in place
and check shaft to make sure it is turn-
ing freely. If it turns freely, check to
ensure that adapter (Ref. No. 3) and
casing (Ref. No. 15) are fitted tight
together. If they are not, tighten fas-
teners (Ref. No. 16) and recheck shaft
for free turning. Tighten carefully, turn-
ing shaft while tightening. If shaft
seizes before fasteners (Ref. No. 16) are
completely tight, disasseble pump and
remove one shim and repeat reassem-

If any time during above operation
shaft does not turn free, follow proce-
dure indicated above and repeat proce-

Above procedure ensures that pump
will have proper running clearance (less
than 0.010") between impeller and cas-
ing and perform like a new unit with
new impeller or motor.

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