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Operating Instructions and Parts Manual

Models 020598 and 020599


General Safety (continued)

Spilled gasoline on a hot engine
may cause fire or an explosion. Fill
gasoline tank out-of-doors and
wipe up any spills.

e. Provide a fire extinguisher nearby

when working with gasoline. Be
sure extinguisher is in operating
condition – check the pressure
gauge or indicator. Be familiar
with its proper use. Consult local
fire department for the correct
type of extinguisher for your appli-
cation. Extinguishers rated ABC by
the National Fire Protection
Association are appropriate for
most applications.

IMPORTANT: Positively no smoking!


ENCLOSED AREA!! Exhaust fumes
contain carbon monoxide which is
an odorless and poisonous gas. If
equipment is located in an enclosed
area, use an exhaust line to the out-
side and regularly check the exhaust
system for leaks. Be sure the area is
well ventilated.

13. Check engine oil and fuel levels

before initial start up each day. Stay
away from moving parts. Avoid
wearing loose jackets, shirts, and
ties. Make sure all nuts and bolts
are secure. Keep power shields and
guards in place. If adjustments must
be made while the unit is running,
use extreme caution around hot
manifolds, moving parts, etc.

14. Do not operate this equipment

when mentally or physically

Be careful not to
touch the exterior of

the engine, especially the muffler and
the surrounding area. The engine is hot
enough to be painful or cause injury!

15. Prevent accidental starting by

always removing spark plug or by
disconnecting and grounding spark
plug wire before working on engine
or the equipment driven by engine.

16. Familiarize yourself with all con-

trols. Learn how to stop an engine
quickly in an emergency.

17. Keep the equipment and surround-

ing area clean. Remove all oil
deposits from equipment and sur-
rounding area. Accumulations of
grease and oil may present a fire
hazard and can cause engine dam-
age. Cleaning rags and other flam-
mable waste materials must be
stored in approved metal contain-

18. All visitors should be kept at a safe

distance from the working area.
Keep children away from power
equipment. Keep work area clean.
Cluttered areas invite accidents.

19. When shutting off a gasoline

engine, be sure it is completely
stopped before leaving the work


IMPORTANT: For installations where
property damage might result from an
inoperative or leaking pump due to
power outages, discharge line blockage
or any other reason, a back-up
system(s) and/or warning system(s)
should be used.

1. Locate pump as close to the fluid

source as possible, making the suc-
tion line as short and direct as possi-

The unit should be
placed where the

pump/engine is protected from the
weather and extremes of heat, cold and

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