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Operating Instructions and Parts Manual

Self-Priming Engine-Driven
Centrifugal Pumps


Maintenance (continued)

NOTE: To keep shaft from turning, hold
impeller while unthreading impeller

3. Pry seal seat from impeller recess

with a screwdriver (See Figure 1).

4. Remove adapter by unthreading

adapter fasteners (Ref. No. 5) and
fastener seals (Ref. No. 4). Press old
seal head and adapter seal (Ref. No.
24) out of adapter by pushing from
engine side.

5. Clean adapter and impeller seal

recesses before installing new

6. Carefully wipe polished surface of

new seal seat with a clean cloth.

7. Wet rubber portion of seal seat

with a light coating of soapy water.

8. Press seal seat squarely into recess in

impeller. If seal seat does not press
squarely into recess, it can be
adjusted by pushing on it with a
piece of pipe. Always use a piece of
cardboard between pipe and seal
seat to avoid scratching lapped,
highly polished surface of seal seat
(handle it carefully).

9. After seal seat is in place, ensure

that it is clean and has not been

10. Using a clean cloth, wipe shaft and

make certain that it is completely

11. Place adapter seal (o-ring) onto seal

head behind flange and press
assembly into adapter as shown in
Figure 2.

Do not touch or wipe
polished face of seal


12. Secure adapter on engine mounting

face, using fasteners and fastener
seals. Be sure to replace gasket (Ref.
No. 31) between engine and
adapter, if removed during disas-

Tighten adapter fas-
teners evenly to

avoid cocking or damaging adapter.

13. Replace impeller and shims, ensur-

ing that key (Ref. No. 8) is in place
and lock impeller to shaft with fas-
tener and impeller seal on fastener.

14. Replace volute seal and volute with

fasteners, ensure that check valve
(Ref. No. 12) is in place then
remount casing seal and pump cas-
ing with fasteners and nuts.

Figure 2 – Mechanical Seal

Figure 1 – Mechanical Seal

020598 and 020599

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