Honeywell Smoke Alarm User Manual

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e) Supervisory Main: (note this is the primary receiver’s IP address
assigned by central station)

f) Supervisory Backup: (note this is the secondary receiver’s IP
address assigned by central station.)

g) Maintenance: This is a third IP receiver setting that is not normally used. A
third maintenance receiver can be installed at a remote site and used to obtain
trouble signals such as at a maintenance facility or dealer location.
h) Port: (80 is the default but the central station may assign a different one)

DO NOT REGISTER the IPDACT at this point. PROCEED to the next
step - RESET.

j) (Select item “j” Reset). At this point the IPDACT will reset and prompt for the

default password. This step fixes the programming you entered into the flash
memory of the IPDACT.
• Enter password 24680 and press the enter key.

• Enter password 24680 when prompted again. You should see


• At the menu options screen, once again select "c: Quick Install"

i) (Select i) Register MIP

• When prompted for password Use the different installation password

assigned by Central such as: 1111 you should see “OK” in the display if
successful. Check that LED "LD6" is illuminated - this indicates proper
communication/registration with the CS receiver.

Note: If you do not see OK, it could be that the Account Number has already

been registered with the receiver by another IPDACT. If you see the
message VA unreachable, recheck all the given parameters and be sure
to use the different installation password assigned by the Central Station,
NOT the default of 24680!

z) Select z) to exit submenu

Select z again to exit to main menu

Close HyperTerminal

Disconnect your serial cable from the PC and the IPDACT.
Ensure the FACP is programmed for DACT communications as if you were using
standard phone line connections with the following information. Remember the