Honeywell Smoke Alarm User Manual

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Installation using 411UD for monitoring Alarm, Trouble and
Supervisory dry contacts from any FACP

The 411UD can also be mounted next to the IPDACT inside the HP300ULX and
used to monitor the Alarm, Trouble, and Supervisory dry contacts from any
manufacturer’s fire alarm control panel. Please see the product installation
document shipped with the IPBRKT for details on mounting and wiring.

Programming Instructions Using HyperTerminal

The IDPACT will be programmed from a personal computer (PC) using Windows
HyperTerminal. This program can typically be found in the accessories directory
of Windows™ programs. The black serial cable (PN: ALMSC119)


above is needed between a PC COM port and “CN1” on the IPDACT.

Returning the IPDACT to factory default settings:
Note: While not a required step, it is always good practice to insure any
programmable device be set to its default factory settings. To return the IPDACT
to factory default settings, follow the procedure below:

1. Remove power to IPDACT.
2. Short jumper P2 on the IPDACT using the supplied jumper.
3. Reapply power
4. LEDs LD1 through LD5 will light in succession once and then start again a

second time

5. During second cycle, remove jumper from P2
6. After LEDs cycle through a third sequence, the IPDACT has been

returned to Factory settings. LED "LD6" should be off.

Run HyperTerminal:

• Create a NEW connection. Give it a name that you can remember. The

sample shown below is called IPDACTSERIAL.