Honeywell Smoke Alarm User Manual

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Note: All of the above available at Fire-Lite Distribution

The IDPACT requires 24VDC filtered regulated power and a phone pair from the
DACT of the fire alarm control panel.

While not required, it is highly recommended that any customer shared
equipment used to connect the IPDACT to the Internet such as router or hub be
supplied with backup power from a small UPS. This will provide IP connectivity
and reduce central station nuisance alarms if AC power is lost.

Checklist of required programming information from Central Station:

1. IPDACT default access password (factory default is 24680).
2. Installer password, required to execute the register command.
3. If STATIC IP is to be used such as in an enterprise or corporation: Obtain IP

address, subnet mask and gateway for IPDACT from enterprise IT manager.
Default IP is 192.168.0 100 with subnet of

4. IPDACT account number or client number
5. IP addresses and of the Primary and Secondary VisorALARM central station


6. UDP Port number to use

Mounting Options: Note: a detailed PID (Product Installation Document) is
included with the IPBRKT and IPENC.

1. Using Common Enclosure
Connect the IPDACT to the fire panel

(MS-9200UDLS shown as example but can be followed for the following
MS-9200UDLS, MS-9050UD, MS-9600LS, MS-5UD-3, MS-10UD-7)

1. Using the instructions found in the IPBRKT kit, install the metal IP Bracket

into the right slots of the common enclosure cabinet.