Honeywell Smoke Alarm User Manual

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The IPDACT requires a minimum of 300 mA of current. If an FACP cannot
supply this minimum requirement, a separate power supply, such as the
HP300ULX, may be used to supply the required current. The IPDACT can be
mounted inside the HP300ULX power supply enclosure as described below:

1. Position the IPBRKT bracket mounting hole and slot over the two mounting
holes in the HP300ULXbackbox. Use the landmarks illustrated in the figure
below to locate the correct mounting location.

2. Secure the IPBRKT bracket to the back box by installing the supplied screws
into the top left hole and bottom right slot of the IPBRKT as illustrated, and
3. Secure IPDACT Module to IPBRKT bracket using the four supplied standoffs
as illustrated in the figure below.
4. Wire the IPDACT as described in the Product Installation Document
5. Attach the polycarbonate cover with label by pressing it onto the four
standoffs installed in step 3.