HOMA Installation of 1 and a Quarter Inch Guide Claw Wit Check Valve User Manual

Installation of 1, Guide claw with check valve

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Installation of 1




” Guide Claw

With Check Valve

• Apply thread sealant to one end of the 1 ¼” close nipple.
• Thread 1 ¼” close nipple into bottom of riser tube (check valve body). Drop check ball

into riser tube. Place large diameter rubber gasket over the top of riser tube groove.

• Place ball cover over gasket and fasten with screws, washers and nuts provided. The

nuts will be held in place and kept from spinning by the bosses cast into the riser tube.
Place a washer over the bolt and apply thread locking compound such as blue #242.

Ball Cover

Rubber Gasket (Large)

Check Ball

Riser Tube (Check Body)

Rubber Gasket (Small)

Guide Claw

1 ¼” Close Nipple

Profile Seal