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Printhead maintenance

If you are experiencing problems with printing, you might have a problem with the
printhead. You should perform the procedures in the following sections only when
directed to do so for resolving print quality issues.
Performing the aligning and cleaning procedures unnecessarily can waste ink and
shorten the life of the cartridges.
This section contains the following topics:

Clean the printhead

Align the printhead

Reinstall the printhead

Clean the printhead

If your printed output is streaked or has any incorrect or missing colors, the printhead
might need to be cleaned.
There are two stages of cleaning. Each stage lasts about two minutes, uses one sheet
of paper, and uses an increasing amount of ink. After each stage, review the quality of
the printed page. You should only initiate the next phase of cleaning if the print quality
is poor.
If print quality still seems poor after you complete both stages of cleaning, try aligning
the printer. If print quality problems persist after cleaning and aligning, contact HP
support. For more information, see HP support.

NOTE: Cleaning uses ink, so clean the printhead only when necessary. The
cleaning process takes a few minutes. Some noise might be generated in the
process. Before cleaning the printhead, make sure you load paper. For more
information, see Load media.
Not turning the printer off correctly can cause print quality problems. For more
information, see Turn the printer off.

To clean the printhead from the control panel

Load Letter, A4, or Legal unused plain white paper into the main input tray.


Touch (right arrow), and then select Setup.


Touch Tools, and then select Clean Printhead.

To clean the printhead from Toolbox (Windows)

Open Toolbox. For more information, see Open the Toolbox.


From the Device Services tab, click the icon to the left of Clean Printheads.


Follow the onscreen instructions.

To clean the printhead from HP Utility (Mac OS X)

Open HP Utility. For more information, see HP Utility (Mac OS X).


In the Information And Support section, click Clean Printheads.


Click Clean, and then follow the onscreen instructions.

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