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Intellisync Lite

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Refer to the “Quick-Start” tutorial in Chapter 2 for more specific

Dialog Buttons

The Configuration and Choose Translator dialogs contain the
following buttons:

Advanced: Accesses the tabbed Advanced Settings dialog. Note

that this button is only enabled when you have configured a
handheld and PC application for synchronization, and the
applications are selected in the Configuration dialog.

Browse: Opens a file selection dialog.
Choose: Opens the Choose Translator dialog.
Options: Displays the Options dialog, when available.
OK: Saves specifications and exits the dialog.
Cancel: Cancels changes and exits Intellisync.
Help: Opens the Intellisync Online Help system.
About: Displays information about this version of Intellisync.


• If you select Palm Desktop in the Choose Translator dialog, the

selected handheld application will be synchronized with Palm
when you press the HotSync button. Note that the
operation will be a Palm Desktop operation, which may differ
significantly from the same type of Intellisync operation. For
example, Palm Desktop Imports and Exports delete data in the
target system before importing or exporting records. Intellisync
Imports and Exports merge source and target records.

• For information on Intellisync Import and Export operations,

refer to “Importing and Exporting Data” in Chapter 4.

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