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Intellisync Lite

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The Conflict Resolution Tab

When a data conflict occurs during a data transfer, and Intellisync
can’t resolve it using the normal synchronization process, the Conflict
setting selected in this tab is used to resolve it.

At installation, Notify me when conflicts occur is selected. This is the
only setting that display a dialog when a data conflict is found, letting
you decide which values should be used in each record.

What is a Data Conflict?

A data conflict exists when records that should be equivalent contain
conflicting data in one or more mapped fields. Mapped fields are fields
that are linked for transfer in the Field Mapping dialog. See The Field
Mapping Dialog
in this chapter for information on field mapping.

More specifically, a data conflict exists when two records contain the
same key field values, but different values in other mapped fields.

Key Fields
Fields designated as key are those that are the most fundamental to a
particular record. For example, name fields are key fields in Address
Book records.

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