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Synchronization and History Files

During a synchronization, Intellisync compares records in your
handheld to records in your PC application, and makes whatever
changes are necessary in each system to ensure that they both contain
the same information.

If a record has been added to one system and not the other, that record
is added to the incomplete system. If a record has been deleted from
one system and not the other, Intellisync deletes the record from the
other system. If a record has been edited in one system and not the
other, Intellisync edits the record in the other system. Intellisync knows
how records have changed since the last synchronization because a
“history file” is used in comparing records.

The first time a particular set of data is synchronized, there is no
history file. Data from the two locations are simply merged, and
conflicts between the two systems are resolved using the Conflict
Resolution setting.

However, this initial operation creates the history file that will be used
for subsequent synchronizations.

How does the history file work? At the end of each synchronization,
a history file matching the two synchronized systems is created. When
the systems are next synchronized, Intellisync compares the two
synchronized systems to each other, and to the history file. If a record
in the history file matches one system, but not the other, Intellisync
knows that the “conflicting” record has been changed since the last
synchronization. It therefore applies the change to the other system and
to the history file.

In cases where changes have been applied to both systems, and those
changes conflict (for example, if you have added address records for
the same name to each system, but the phone numbers don’t match),
the Conflict Resolution setting is used to resolve the discrepancy.

An understanding of
history files and how
synchronization works
is not mandatory.
However, you may
find this information

A separate history file
is created for each set
of configured

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