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RangeMax™ Dual Band Wireless-N Gigabit Router WNDR3700 User Manual

Safeguarding Your Network


v1.3, October 2009

Connecting Additional Wireless Client Devices After WPS

You can add more WPS clients to your wireless network, or you can add a combination of WPS-
enabled clients and clients without WPS.

Adding More WPS Clients

To add a wireless client device that is WPS-enabled:

1. Follow the procedures in

“Using a WPS Button to Add a WPS Client” on page 2-14



PIN Entry to Add a WPS Client” on page 2-15


2. To view a list of all devices connected to your wireless router (including wireless and

Ethernet-connected), see

“Viewing a List of Attached Devices” on page 4-10


Adding Both WPS and Non-WPS Clients

For non-WPS clients, you cannot use the WPS setup procedures to add them to the wireless
network. You must record, and then manually enter your security settings (see


Configuring Your Wireless Settings” on page 2-4


To connect a combination of non-WPS enabled and WPS-Enabled clients to the wireless router:

1. Restore the wireless router to its factory default settings (press both the Wireless and WPS

buttons on the side of the wireless router for 5 seconds).

When the factory settings are restored, all existing wireless clients are disassociated and
disconnected from the wireless router.

2. Configure the network names (SSIDs), select the WPA/PSK + WPA2/PSK radio button on the

Wireless Settings screen (see

“Manually Configuring Your Wireless Settings” on page 2-4


and click Apply. On the WPA/PSK + WPA2/PSK screen, select a passphrase and click Apply.
Record this information to add additional clients.

Note: Your wireless settings remain the same when you add another WPS-enabled client,

as long as the Keep Existing Wireless Settings check box is selected in the
Advanced Wireless screen (listed under the Advanced heading in the wireless
router main menu). If you clear this check box, when you add the client, a new
SSID and passphrase will be generated, and all existing connected wireless clients
will be disassociated and disconnected from the wireless router.

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