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RangeMax™ Dual Band Wireless-N Gigabit Router WNDR3700 User Manual

Using Network Monitoring Tools


v1.3, October 2009

To save your settings, click Back Up. Your browser extracts the configuration file from the router
and prompts you for a location on your computer to store the file. You can give the file a
meaningful name at this time, such as comcast.cfg.

To restore your settings from a saved configuration file, enter the full path to the file on your
computer, or click Browse to browse to the file. When you have located it, click Restore to send
the file to the router. The router then reboots automatically.

Erasing the Configuration

Under some circumstances (for example, if you move the router to a different network or if you
have forgotten the password), you might want to erase the configuration and restore the factory
default settings. After an erase, the router’s user name is admin, the password is password, the
LAN IP address is (or, and its DHCP server is enabled.

To erase the configuration, click the Erase button in the Backup Settings screen.

To restore the factory default configuration settings when you do not know the login password
or IP address, you must use the restore factory settings button on the bottom of the router (see

“Restoring the Default Configuration and Password” on page 8-14


Tip: Before saving your configuration file, change the administrator password to the

default, password. Then change it again after you have saved the configuration file.
If you forget the password, you will need to reset the configuration to factory

Warning: Do not interrupt the reboot process.

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