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Placing a Call on Hold

Press the HOLD button to put the line in use on hold. The line indicator for the line on hold flashes green. The phone emits a beep

every 30 seconds as a reminder. At the other stations, the indicator blinks red but no beep is heard.

NOTE: If you put a call on HOLD while in PRIVACY mode, no one but you can access the line on hold. Anyone trying to access the line receives an error tone.

Releasing a Call from Hold

Press HOLD again or the corresponding line button to release hold.

NOTE: If you want to change modes, lift the handset to switch to the handset, or press the HEADSET button to use the headset.

NOTE: The call on hold can be picked up at any station using this procedure.


Use the FLASH button to activate custom calling services such as call waiting or call forwarding, which are available through your local

phone company.


1. Pick up the handset (handset mode) or press the SPEAKER button (speakerphone mode), or press HEADSET (headset mode) and the

priority line is automatically selected,


Press a line button to select another line.
2. Press the REDIAL/FORMAT button

NOTE: The redial function will not operate if the number to be redialed contains more than 32 digits. If the number is longer than that,

you will hear an error tone.

Reviewing the Redial Numbers

Your phone records up to six previously dialed phone numbers.
1. When the phone is idle, press the REDIAL/FORMAT button.
2. Use the < REVIEW > button to view the last six previously dialed numbers.
3. While the preferred number is displayed, pick up the handset or press the SPEAKER, DIAL, or a line button to dial the phone


NOTE: If you do not select a line button, the line is automatically seized and the number is dialed accordingly.

Transferring a Call to Another Station

1. With the caller on the line, press the TRANSFER button.
2. Press the INTERCOM/MEMORY LOG button (1-16) for the station you want to transfer the call to. The line’s indicator blinks yellow

until the party picks up the transferred call. Once the call is picked up, the indicator stays red. The indicator on the receiving party’s

line rapidly flashes red and rings during call transfer.

• If the transferred call is not picked up at the other station within 45 seconds. The transfer cancels, the line is put on hold, and the

line indicator flashes green.

• If the party at the other station doesn’t pick up the transferred call, and you want to attempt to transfer to another station, press

the line button and repeat the transfer process from step 1.

Receiving a Transferred Call from Another Station

If a call is transferred to your station, the line indicator flashes red. To answer the call, press that line button.
If you are on the line when a call is transferred to you, you will hear beeps to alert you of the incoming call. Put your current call on

hold by pressing HOLD, and then pick up the incoming call by pressing the corresponding line button.

NOTE: During the transfer, the only two stations that can access the line are: a) the transferring station, or; b) the station receiving the transfer.

VERY IMPORTANT: To transfer a call from one station to another, the two stations should be connected to the same line.

Message Waiting (Not applicable to model 25413)

Provided your phone company offers voice messaging service and you subscribe to it, the NEW MESSAGE indicator flashes when the

phone is not in use to indicate there is a message waiting. Also, from the display, you can find which line has message waiting. The

indicator stops flashing after the message is reviewed.


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