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Chain Dialing

This process allows you to dial a succession of stored numbers from separate memory locations. This is useful when you must dial

several sequences of numbers, such as with frequent calls via a telephone company long distance provider.
For example

Memory location

Local access number of long distance company


Authorization code (ID)


Long distance phone number


1. Press the line you want.
2. Press memory location 6.
3. Press memory location 7.
4. Press memory location 8.

Display Messages

The following special messages indicate the status of a message or the unit:
00 TOTAL CALLS The Caller ID memory log is empty. (Not applicable to model 25413.)
UNKNOWN CALLER The incoming call does not have Caller ID service or their service area is not linked to yours. If UNKNOWN CALLER

appears along with a calling number, the name information for that number was not available. (Not applicable to

model 25413.)


The caller is registered as “Private Number ”and their Caller ID information is withheld. (Not applicable to model 25413)

INCOMPLETE DATA Caller information has been interrupted or corrupted during transmission.(Not applicable to model 25413.)

No Caller ID signal has been detected, or Caller ID service has not been activated. (Not applicable to model 25413.)


You are at the beginning or the end of the Caller ID memory log. (Not applicable to model 25413.)

Battery power level is low.

Operation By Battery

If the power cord is not plugged into the unit, and the battery is available, the unit enters Battery Operation Mode. In this mode, the

unit fully supports all operational features, except the intercom call function.

NOTE: Under battery operation mode, the RF module (optional for use with cordless handset) is not supported.

Operation without Power

If the power cord is not plugged into the unit and no battery is installed, the unit enters into No Power Operation mode. in this mode,

the user may:
1) use the handset to manually make a call on line 1 only,
2) answer a call on line 1 with the handset.

Cordless Phone Option

It is possible to enhance your phone to a cordless feature with the additional purchase of the H5400 accessory handset and module.
The H5400 is packaged with an RF module, when the module is properly inserted into the back of the 25413 or 25414 base, the
antenna icon on the display will illuminate. After registration (see user guide of model H5400) you may use your cordless handset with
your phone system.

Troubleshooting Guide

No dial tone
• Check or repeat installation steps:
• Make sure the telephone line cords are connected to the phone and the wall jack. Make sure the line cords are not damaged.
• Make sure the hook switch pops up when the handset is lifted.
• Check the SPEAKER button. Make sure the indicator is off.
• Disconnect the phone from the wall jack and connect another phone to the same jack. If there is no dial tone in the second phone,

the problem might be your wiring or local service.

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