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Answering an Intercom Call

When you receive an INTERCOM call, the INTERCOM indicator flashes red, and the display shows the caller’s name and phone ID.

NOTE: If you want to answer with the speakerphone, press the INTERCOM or SPEAKER button. If you want to answer by headset, press the HEADSET button

(the headset must be connected). To answer by handset, lift the handset.

NOTE: Press SPEAKER or lift the handset to automatically select a party. If you receive an incoming call and intercom call at the same time the unit

automatically selects the ringing line.

Intercom Hold

1. Make an intercom call or answer an intercom call.
2. Press the HOLD button. The Intercom indicator flashes green.

• When the intercom is on hold, you may not receive another intercom.
• If the other party terminates intercom, intercom hold is also released.

Intercom Conference Calls

This feature allows you to have a 3-way conversation using the intercom feature and an open line.
1. Place a call or make an intercom call.
2. Press the HOLD button.
3. Place a call on another line or make an intercom call.
4. Press the CONFERENCE button.
5. Speak to both parties.

NOTE: If you have more than one party on hold (telephone line or intercom), you must select the line for the party you want to conference with.

To disconnect one party:
Press the line or intercom button for the person you want to continue speaking with, and the other party is automatically disconnected.
To disconnect both parties:
Hang up the handset, or press the SPEAKER button.

NOTE: If you press the HOLD button to put them on hold first, you may then disconnect from each party individually.

Paging All Stations

1. Lift the handset.
2. Press the PAGE button and listen for the beep. The other stations not in use automatically activate their speakerphones and receive

your page.

3. Speak into the handset. You have 30 seconds to page in this mode. After 30 seconds, the page is cancelled.
4. When finished, hang up the handset.

NOTE: You will not receive a page when Do Not Disturb is turned on.

NOTE: Paging can be done with optional headset. Plug in headset, press HEADSET button, then press PAGE button.

Caller ID (CID)

NOTE: The Caller ID section of this user’s guide is not applicable to model 25413.

Summary Screen

The summary screen shows the current time, current date, number of CID records to be reviewed and total number of records saved to

CID memory. It is displayed until any button is pressed. Within 60 seconds of receiving a new call, the new caller information is displayed.


12:34 PM 12/25

00 Total CALLS



Battery indicator

Time and date

Name of phone

Phone ID

CID records waiting

to be reviewed

Number of records in CID memory

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