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While in use, a line can be secured so that no one else can listen to the conversation. This feature only applies to model 25403, 25404,

25413, and 25414 phones. However, other phone which are not compatible with these models can still access the line.

Providing Privacy

At any time during a conversation, you can use the privacy feature to secure the line.
1. While on a line, press the PRIVACY button. The indicator turns on.
2. To cancel, press PRIVACY again or hang up.

NOTE: If you put a call on hold while in privacy mode, no one but you can access the line on hold.


The ringer, speaker, and handset/headset volume is set independently with the VOLUME up and down buttons. There are 8 possible

volume settings per mode. The volume indicator scale is displayed during volume adjustment.

Ringer Volume

1. While the phone is on the hook, press the VOLUME up or down button. The phone rings according to the current setting.
2. Tap the up or down button to adjust the volume one level at a time. The phone stores the setting after the last button press.

NOTE: To turn the ringer off, on, or change the ringing pattern, see Setting the Ringer Tone.

Speakerphone, Handset, and Headset Volume

While the phone is in use, during the desired mode, press the VOLUME up or down buttons until you reach a comfortable listening

level. The phone stores the setting after the last button press.

Conference Calls

This feature allows you to have a 3-way conversation using any combination of 2 lines.
To connect and conference
1. To make a call, press the line you want and dial the telephone number. If you already have someone on the line, skip to step 2.
2. Press the HOLD button to place the call on hold.
3. Press another line button and dial the telephone number of the party you want to conference with.
4. Press the CONFERENCE button.
5. Speak to both parties.

NOTE: If you have more than one line on hold, and you want to have a conference call, you must first select the line on which you want to conference.

To disconnect one party:
Press the line button for the person you want to continue speaking with, and the other party is automatically disconnected.
To disconnect both parties:
Hang up the handset, or press the SPEAKER or HEADSET button.

NOTE: If you press the HOLD button to put them on hold first, you may then disconnect from each party individually.

Intercom Calls

One-Touch Intercom

NOTE: If the INTERCOM indicator is turned on (solid red), the intercom is in use. You must wait until the indicator turns off before making an intercom call.

1. Press the INTERCOM/MEMORY LOG button (1-16) for the station you want to intercom with. The SPEAKER turns on.

Alternately, you may press the INTERCOM button, then press the INTERCOM/MEMORY LOG button (1-16) for the stations you want

to intercom with. The speakerphone automatically turns on.

NOTE: If you want to switch to the handset, pick it up and continue speaking. To switch to the headset press the HEADSET button.

NOTE: The handset, headset, or speakerphone cannot be active when an intercom call is initiated (the handset should be on the cradle and the speakerphone

and headset turned OFF.)

NOTE: To abort intercom call, press SPEAKER button.

2. To end the intercom call, hang up.

NOTE: If the receiving station does not answer within 45 seconds, the intercom call is cancelled. You will hear an error tone and NO ANSWER

shows in the display.

NOTE: If the intercom is in use. You will hear an error tone and ERROR INHIBITED shows in the display.


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