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4. Connect the telephone line cords:

If you have two dual line wall jacks installed in your home or office, plug one end of the straight telephone line cord tagged as

“LINE 1+2” into the jack marked LINE 1 + 2 and one end of the other straight line cord into the other jack on the back of the base.

Plug the other end of each line cord into the dual-line wall jacks.

LINE 1 + 2

LINE 3 + 4

Adaptor/coupler LINE 1 + 2

Adaptor/coupler LINE 3 + 4

Connections & Setup

If you have four single-line wall jacks installed in your home or office, you must use adaptors/couplers (not included) to combine

the four single telephone lines into two dual lines. The adaptor/coupler may look similar to the one pictured here and can be

purchased from your local telephone products retailer.

NOTE: To use four lines, you must have four telephone lines with unique telephone numbers. If you only have one telephone line, this phone will still operate,

but only as a single line telephone.

Unit Initialization:

After you connect the power supply and Line 1 to the unit, the system automatically searches for and sets up a phone ID. To set

your own Phone ID, or change your phone ID, follow the steps in the Phone ID section.

You may connect up to 16 RCA 25403, 25404, 25415, 25413 and/or RCA 25414 phones to the system at one time. Features like

intercom, page and call transfer may be used among the units, but Line 1 must be common for all 25414 or 25413 units for these

features to work properly. You may choose to share or privatize lines 2, 3 and 4.

5. Connect the handset cord:

Connect one end of the coiled handset cord to the jack on the side of the base and the other end into the jack in the handset, and

place the handset in the cradle.

6. Check for a dial tone:

Lift the handset and listen for a dial tone. If you hear a dial tone, the phone is properly installed.

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