11 the removable hard drive, Hard drive front panel, Key lock – GE 0150-0255C User Manual

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Kalatel VDR



Alarms Menu

Hardwire Alarm : Enable

Alarm Buzzer : Enable



To configure the alarm settings:

1. Use the Arrow buttons to navigate among the fields.

2. Use the Arrow buttons to change the values of the

highlighted fields.

3. To Save the changes and Exit the menu: Use the

Arrow buttons to select [OK], then press the Enter


4. To Exit the menu without making changes: Use the

Arrow buttons to select [CANCEL], then press the
Enter button.

1.11 The Removable Hard Drive

The Kalatel VDR has a built-in removable hard drive that comes in 40, 80, and 160 GB models. The hard
drive is hot swappable; meaning the VDR need not be powered down before drive removal. However, it is
recommended that the drive not be removed during any drive activity (read/writes).

Whatever state (recording, playback) the drive is operating in, when it is removed, is the same state it will
start up in when reinstalled.

Hard Drive Front Panel

1. Hard Drive Activity LED, Amber.

2. Power Indicator, Green.

3. Active Handle (Shown Open).

4. Handle.

5. Key Lock.

1 2




Key Lock

1. Power On. Drive Locked

2. Power Off. Drive Locked.

3. Power Off. Drive Unlocked. (Shown)