12 removing the hard drive, 13 using compactflash storage cards – GE 0150-0255C User Manual

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Kalatel VDR

1.12 Removing the Hard Drive

1. Pull the active handle outward.

2. Use the key provided and place the key lock in position 3

shown above (rotate counter clockwise).

3. Pull the handle outward and slide the carrier body away from the cartridge frame.

To reinsert the drive perform the above steps in reverse. The Kalatel VDR will reset when the
drive is installed.

1.13 Using CompactFlash Storage Cards

The VDR uses industry standard Type I CompactFlash Storage Cards of varying capacities up to 512Mb
(See Section 8 for tested manufacturers). The CompactFlash cards can be used to store, retrieve, and
transport selected video files. The video files can be played back using GE Interlogix QuickWave software
that is automatically copied to the CF card. GE Interlogix recommends that upon initial use a minimum of
two CF cards be purchased. One CF card is used to create a Master CF card and the other(s) for the
copying and transfer of video files.