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Kalatel VDR

When finished the system will display a Retrieving Complete Message Box. At this point it will be safe
to remove the CF card from the VDR. The files are now stored on the VDR’s Hard Drive.

Retrieving Complete.




Main Menu

→ CompactFlash → Format

Use this command to prepare a new CF card for use in the VDR or erase files that are already stored
on the card. The Format command places a FAT16 file system on the CF card. Please note that
formatting the CF card permanently erases any data currently stored on that card. Selecting Format
will display the following warning.

All data will be permanently erased!

Do you want to continue?




Selecting OK will begin the format process. The system will display a Format Complete message
when finished.

4.7 Main Menu

→ Advanced Menu

Password Box

Please Enter The Password!



To access the Advanced menu:

1. Select ADVANCED MENU from the Main menu, then

press the Enter button. The Password Box will

2. Enter the Advanced menu password. Use the Arrow

buttons to select a character, then use the Enter
button to complete the selection, and move to the next

3. Pressing the Enter button on the last character will

complete the password selection and the unit will
display the Advanced menu.