Eatures, Onnections, Etup – GE 0150-0255C User Manual

Page 5: 1 product description, 2 features, 3 unpacking, 4 installation environment

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Kalatel VDR




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1.1 Product Description

The Kalatel VDR is a Digital Video Recorder designed to be a direct replacement for a Time Lapse
VCR. Digital Video Recording allows the user to have continuous recording on a removable hard disk,
without the need for replacing or rewinding of videotapes. The VDR provides menu based search
capabilities for recorded events. The VDR also supports the use of Type I CompactFlash Storage

1.2 Features

Single channel VHS Input/Output connection.

Accepts Single Camera input or a Multiplexed input from most popular multiplexers.

Compatible with Color or Monochrome cameras.

Records up to 60 pictures per second (NTSC) or 50 pictures per second (PAL).

Continuous Recording in Disk Overwrite mode.

Removable Hard Drive.

CompactFlash Storage Card Slot (Type I).

A simple on-screen menu system.

Timed recording.

Programmable Auto Delete Mode.

1.3 Unpacking

Check the package and contents for visible damage. If any components are missing or damaged,
contact the supplier immediately. Do not attempt to use the unit. If, for any reason they must be
returned, the contents must be shipped in the original packaging.

Package Contents

The Kalatel VDR unit.

Power supply and (2) power cords (US and EU).

1 set (2) of Drive keys.

The Kalatel VDR user manual.

1.4 Installation Environment

Power: Ensure that the site's AC power is stable and within the rated voltage of the external power
supply. If the site's AC power is likely to have spikes or power dips, use power line conditioning or an
Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS).

Ventilation: Install the unit in a well-ventilated area. Take note of the locations of the cooling vents in
the unit's enclosure, and ensure that they are not obstructed.